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When and How to go to Vietnam

When and How to go to Vietnam
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Two important things that are required to begin any trip on a good note are the timing and the modes of reaching the place. Reaching any place at an inappropriate season can be such a headache. Similarly, if you do not choose the right mode of transportation, it can again be an issue in terms of money, energy as well as time spent. So that is precisely what we are going to achieve in this chapter – knowing when to go and how to go.

When and How to go to Vietnam
When and How to go to Vietnam

When and How to go to Vietnam

When to go?

Vietnam has a strange topographical set up where in each region of it experiences monsoon at different points of time. So it will be monsoon season in Vietnam throughout the year. Let us look at the highlights of Vietnam’s climate based on its geography.
• Northern Vietnam:
• Warm months: October, November, December
• Winter: January, February, March
• The months of April to August are the summer as well as the rainy season.
• Southern Vietnam:
• Warm months: December to April
• Monsoon: May to November
• Central Coast:
• Monsoon: September to May
• Warm months: June to August
With such climatic conditions, it is hard to pick out one particular time of the year as the best time to visit Vietnam. However, if you are intending to tour the entire country, then the months of September to December, March and April are an ideal time to plan your travel.

How to go?

Before getting there, you have to ensure that you have a proper visa and all other formalities are completed.

By Air:

There are international airports in most of the major cities of Vietnam. Hence it is easy to reach Vietnam from different countries by means of a plane. There are several non-stop flights connecting
Vietnam with the other countries, thereby making your traveling simple.

By Train:

There are several international train sendees that connect Vietnam with other countries. However some of these trains require a change in between.

By Road:

Vietnam is accessible by road easily from different points like China, Cambodia and Laos. However be careful while you choose the buses as they can be overpriced at

By Boat:

Vietnam can be accessed by means of water by boarding a boat at Phnom Penh in Cambodia. A five hour journey on the boat will take you to Vietnam.

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