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Top 7 places to Visit in Vietnam

Top 7 places to Visit in Vietnam
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Vietnam is a long and narrow country situated in between the Cambodia and Laos borders and the South China Sea. It is known for striking landscapes from forested mountains in North to the scenic valleys of Central Highlands and the lush rice terraces. There are beautiful beaches and appealing fertile delta in South. Explore the booming city life, traditional villages, colonial towns, and archaeological sites as well as the fantastic islands.

Top 7 places to Visit in Vietnam

Top 7 places to Visit in Vietnam
Top 7 places to Visit in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

The famous city lies beside the Saigon River located near Mekong Delta in the southern tip of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City is formerly identified as Saigon and was the capital of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. But today, this city is the biggest city found in the reunified country that offers many reasons to explore Vietnam. It has a blend of historic and sophisticated attractions such as vibrant dining, shopping and most of all, the nightlife.

Mekong Delta.

If you want to see the colorful floating markets, rice paddies, bird sanctuaries, quaint villages, sugar cane groves and fruit orchards, then you have to visit Mekong Delta and be amazed with the views and spectacular tourist spots. It is also popularly known as Vietnam’s Rice Basket due to its agricultural region that is fertilized by the maze of streams and canals from the Mekong River. It is located from Gulf of Thailand to the Ho Chi Minh City and actually feeds almost as third of Vietnam because of its resources from orchards, fish farms, rice paddies, and rich plantations.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is situated at the beautiful bays of the South Central Vietnam coast and is famous as a seaside resort city. Scenic beaches, mountains, as well as lush islands are what make this natural haven a great place to visit for tourists— not to mention it is perfect for scuba diving. The place is festooned with palm trees, resorts, and exquisite promenade. Nha Trang is a lovely beach with water and amusements parks which offer more fun along with wave pools and roller coaster pools.

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Hue is located in the Perfume River banks in the central part of Vietnam. In the past, it served as Nguyen dynasty’s imperial capital. Today, this glorious place offers the city’s culture, architecture, and remarkable cuisine which make it a perfect place to visit. The famous Citadel, one of the remarkable monuments of the city, provides a nice landmark and sprawling complex of ornate temples, grand palaces, gates and walls. You can also find the popular Thien Mu Pagoda here.

Hoi An

This attractive, old city lies off the South China Sea coast in the South Central part of Vietnam. It has a historical background dating back some 2,000 years ago in the Champa Kingdom. It has historic architecture, traditional textiles, and culture that make it even more popular for travelers. In its heart lies the impressive Old Town that is perfect for walking and exploring. The winding and narrow lanes of this place are perfectly lined with majestic old architecture, hundreds of tailors shops, and traditional wooden houses that sell bags, souvenirs, clothing, and other custom-made goods.


In the previous century, Hanoi has come out as the successful capital city of this reunified country due to the Vietnam and Indochina Wars. The Old Quarter lies in the heart of Hanoi which is an al fresco museum of historic French and Asian colonial architecture that has immensely remained integral despite the Vietnam War. Here you can find scenic boulevards with tress along the way. Sip coffee at picturesque cafes, browse on busy markets, and visit the prominent sites such as the Presidential Palace, Saint Joseph Cathedral, and the Grand Opera House.

Ha Long Bay

The Ha Long Bay is scenic because of its aqua-green waters along with the cluster of beautiful limestone rocky outcrops mounting from the clean water like passionate sea dragons. It resembles a particular scene from a nice fantasy story. The Ha Long Bay is situated about 80 miles east of Hanoi and features a significant number of 2,000 jungle-covered islands with grottoes, caves, lakes, and sinkholes. The islands are sculpted naturally from the past centuries into stunning rock formations.

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