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The Ultimate guide to get around Vietnam

The Ultimate guide to get around Vietnam
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What is the point of having a well planned itinerary if you do not know how to move around the various cities of Vietnam? Choosing the right means of transportation to get around the country is important to save not just the time as well as your money.

In this article, we have identified the various means of transportation you can choose to hop from one city to another within Vietnam to have a lovely experience.

The Ultimate guide to get around Vietnam

By Plane:

Flights are probably the fastest and cheapest means of transportation, especially when it comes to travelling between the major cities of Vietnam. There are several flights connecting the major cities and towns of Vietnam. If you are running on a tight schedule, then you should plan your travel within Vietnam by choosing the appropriate flight sendees.

The Ultimate guide to get around Vietnam
The Ultimate guide to get around Vietnam

By Train:

There are rail sendees connecting only a few parts of the country. The railway network of Vietnam is the least developed in comparison to the other infrastructural facilities available in the country.

Despite having the online option to book your train tickets, choosing the train as an option to travel between two cities has its own risk. There are numerous railway booking scams when you book the tickets through an agent. Hence diligence should be exercised at the time of booking the tickets.

Apart from these, local Vietnamese trains have different classes of cars and the fares vary accordingly. Be sure not to get fooled by the pictures of the carriages posted online. You would be in for a rude shock when you actually get inside the normal class cars. Do not bother about the fare if you are looking forward to a hygienic and clean travel.

By Bus

There are bus sendees that connect most of the cities in Vietnam, even over long distances. But you should not choose to travel long distances in a bus if you are running on a hectic schedule because these buses tend to be slow. You might have to deal with the traffic on the roads as well.

Alternatively, there are private bus agencies that can organize a tour of the city in a bus. These buses are relatively comfortable and better as compared to the public transport.

However be prepared to run behind your schedule by an hour or two because that is generally the case when it comes to traveling by bus. Another important thing to remember when you are traveling by buses is to keep your possessions safe as the risk of losing them is very high.

By Car

Since in Vietnam, international driving licenses are not accepted, you will not be able to rent a car to drive to the various cities within Vietnam. There are numerous agencies which will let you rent cars for touring purposes.

Cars are faster than buses when it comes to travelling between various places in Vietnam. However, caution has to be exercised because these car drivers lack road sense and often drive rashly. Make sure you rent your car through a proper agency so that you do not have to experience rash driving.

By Bicycle

If you are someone who would like to keep yourself fit amidst all the hogging of the Vietnamese cuisine, then all you have to do is rent a bicycle. Bicycles are cheap to rent. Moreover, it is easier to get past the road traffic on a bicycle than other modes of road transportation. The scenery on some of the routes is a bonus on your bicycle rides.

By Moto taxi

Motorcycle taxis are so common in Vietnam. These are cheap and can be found in almost every street corner. You can rent these and tour within the city happily and comfortably.

Traveling by motorcycle taxis are an interesting experience. The rates for hiring depend on the distance one intends to travel. However these rates can be negotiated if you choose to travel longer distances.

By Motorcycle

Motorcycles are an option only if you have a temporary Vietnamese driving permit. This will not be applicable if this is your first trip to Vietnam. Driving without a license is absolutely dangerous.

This is because of the heavy fines and imprisonment term that await you should you ever get caught riding a motorcycle without a license. However, if you do own a Vietnamese permit, do not think twice before renting a motorcycle. It is an absolute delight to travel through the cities of Vietnam on a motorcycle, but be extra careful of crazy drivers all around you.

By Boat

You should definitely travel by boat at least once during your trip within Vietnam. There are several boat agencies that will arrange for a trip around the city on a boat. However these boat rides can be pretty slow.

Moreover some of these boats are actually not safe to travel by. Ensure that the boat that you are getting on to is registered to transport tourists. Having said all that, a long boat ride with a lovely meal on board can be quite refreshing and relaxing.

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