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The model itinerary for you to travel in Vietnam

The model itinerary for you to travel in Vietnam
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You would not be doing justice to your trip to Vietnam if you do not spend enough time at each tourist attraction. A proper itinerary is a must for any trip. So is the case with your trip to Vietnam as well.

At the end of the trip, you should not regret missing out on any city or town. For your benefit, we have outlined a model itinerary for you to follow. Based on your financial resources and availability of time, you can modify this itinerary to suit your needs.

The model itinerary for you to travel in Vietnam

The model itinerary for you to travel in Vietnam
The model itinerary for you to travel in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City

Ideal time to be spent: 2 days

Begin your first day in the city by visiting District l. You have to pay a visit to the famous Ben Thanh Market in this district. Make sure you have enough money before you head out to the market for you will be tempted to shop your heart out. Once you are done exploring the market, move on to visit the War remnants museum to spend the remainder of the day.

As the second day of your trip begins, visit the Cu Chi Tunnels. These tunnels can be accessed by means of car or by boat on the Saigon River. These underground tunnels spread all the way from Saigon to Cambodia. The Viet Cong used these underground tunnels at the time of the American war.

What completes your trip is an amazing and authentic Vietnamese meal in the district of Binh Thanh. The culinary specialty of this district is the “ca kho to” which is basically fish cooked in a spicy caramelized sauce.

Mekong Delta

Ideal time to be spent: l day

Once you are done touring the Ho Chi Mih city, travel for around four hours to reach the beautiful and mesmerizing city of Can Tho. Can Tho is particularly famous for its floating markets, riverfront promenade and the fruit orchards. When you have had enough of Can Tho, the next stop on your way is the Ben Tre province. Here at this province, people make a living out of coconut plantations.

There are numerous ways to visit the Mekong Delta region. You can either choose to go on a cruise across the water and reach the Delta or take the unconventional route by riding a horse through the nearby villages and reaching the Delta.

Nha Trang

Ideal time to be spent: l day

The ideal way to relax yourself after all the roaming around in Vietnam is by visiting Nha Trang. This city has some of the most luxurious resorts of the country. These resorts offer brilliant spa sessions which can be relaxing and rejuvenating. A walk by the beach side can be quite refreshing.

A visit to the nearby Hon Mun island would earn you an afternoon dive. The Po Nagar Towers are the source of the ultimate Vietnamese cuisine. So treat yourselves to a lovely meal over here!

Hoi An

Ideal time to be spent: 2 days

Hoi An gives you more than one reason to spend two spectacular days here. A flight from Nha Trang will deliver you safely to this lovely city. Hoi An is famous for the numerous tailor shops, buildings that reek of French architecture, Japanese Covered Bridge belonging to the 16th century and many art galleries.

Upon your arrival, spend an afternoon at the Old Quarter and be lost in its ageless beauty. Do not forget to taste authentic Vietnamese coffee as you sift through the streets of Hoi An. After you have shopped to the extent of emptying your wallets, pay a visit to the Assembly halls that were once built by the Chinese.

Begin the second day of your stay in the Hoi An city with a culinary adventure. The Central market is the ultimate hub when it comes to trying out the specialty dishes of the region like the banh bao vac (steamed dumplings), cao lau (rice noodles)to name a few.

Once you are full up to the brim with the Vietnamese food, spend the remainder of the day by visiting the My Son Sanctuary. This was once the religious capital of the Champa kingdom. History of this particular archaeological site dates back to the 4th Century. Alternatively, you can spend the afternoon by relaxing at the Cua Dai Beach.


Ideal time to be spent: l day

Hop on to a bus and enjoy the scenery as you travel to the city of Hue which is of historic importance. If you are a lover of history, then Hue will satisfy your thirst! Embark on a historic quest by visiting the Thien Mu Pagoda, the Citadel and the numerous mausoleums that were built to pay homage to many of the emperors who once ruled Vietnam.
What can make your journey more interesting? Reach the Pagoda by hopping on to a dragon boat across the Perfume River. Such an exciting journey demands an exciting meal at the end of it.

You can choose to have it either at the Chu Van An street or at the Ancient Hue restaurant. Nothing can bring a perfect ending to this historic trip around the city of Hue like a wonderful meal!


Ideal time to be spent: l day

Be prepared to shop more at the city of Hanoi. Visit an ATM before you kick start your trip to Hanoi. Make sure you visit the ultimate beer destination of Hanoi, the Bia Hoi corner. A cold and refreshing pint of beer from here would be such a delight amidst all the shopping.

A lovely stroll by the Hoan Kiem Lake would be pleasing not only to your eyes but also your nerves. The wonderful Jade Island is home to the Ngoc Son Temple. The northern part of Vietnam is famous for pho, its authentic rice noodle dish. Be sure to taste it as you spend your time at Hanoi.

If you are a lover of Opera, then a visit to the Hanoi Opera House is a must to enjoy a live opera performance. Complete your tour of Hanoi with a show at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater.

Halong Bay

Ideal time to be spent: l day

If you have to truly relish the beauty of the Halong Bay, make sure that you choose a proper tour company. Historic caves, pristine beaches, floating villages and the Cat Ba Island are the highlights of this lovely place.

Apart from these, what makes Halong Bay beautiful are its numerous lakes, caves, waterfalls and the national park which is the abode of the Langur monkeys which are considered as endangered species.

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