Some tips for accommodation in Vietnam

Some tips for accommodation in Vietnam
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One of the major highlights of Vietnam is the varied accommodation options available to tourists. There are various accommodations to suit your needs. In this chapter, we shall look into the accommodation facilities Vietnam has to offer you.

Some tips for accommodation in Vietnam

Some tips for accommodation in Vietnam
Some tips for accommodation in Vietnam

Some of the features of the accommodation facilities available in Vietnam are:

  • High quality
  • Less expensive
  • High standards of service
  • Reduced hassles when it comes to making reservations
  • Easier modes of booking hotels

Some things that are noteworthy when it comes to making a reservation:

  • A passport is a must if you wish to check in at a hotel or a guest house.
  • Since the room rates are not standard and are determined based on the demand, it is always advisable to bargain, especially if you are staying for a longer duration.
  • Security is always a concern when it comes to medium sized establishments. Never leave your valuable possessions unattended. Top class hotels provide safe locker facilities for tourists.
  • Think twice before choosing a budget hotel for there can be hygiene problems.
  • If you have decided to stay at a low budget hotel, do not be surprised if prostitutes knock on your door.

Accommodation available in Vietnam are classified based on their rates and facilities. The various types of accommodations in Vietnam are as follows:


Some of the cities in Vietnam have dormitory facilities. These are the cheapest accommodation one can find in Vietnam. So if you are not particular about the space constraints and just looking for a place to spend the night, then a bed at one of these dormitories would be sufficient.

Youth Hostels:

There are hostels available for teenage backpackers. So if you are a youth touring Vietnam, then the ideal place to crash would be these youth hostels. They are cheap and decently comfortable.


Hotels come in all sizes and prices. Based on how much you can afford, you can choose the kind of hotel you would like to stay in. The facilities associated with the room depend on the price you pay for it.

There are numerous budget hotels in Vietnam that are decently comfortable at a lower cost. On the other hand, there are exotic luxury hotels and exquisite beach resorts as well in Vietnam. Staying at these luxury hotels are a different experience altogether.

Village Accommodation:

Many of the minority communities in Vietnam offer accommodation in their villages. These are not luxurious accommodations but in turn very elegant ones with basic facilities. These are highly economical as well. With less than 10 dollars, your accommodation and meals for a day is secure.

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