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Some common and basic Vietnamese phrases you should know

Some common and basic Vietnamese phrases you should know
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To facilitate your travel around Vietnam, here are a few basic phrases in Vietnamese to help you. This article is divided into different sections containing basic phrases and words in Vietnamese to suit various occasions.

Some common and basic Vietnamese phrases you should know
Some common and basic Vietnamese phrases you should know

Some common and basic Vietnamese phrases you should know


Hello – Xin chào

How are you? – Ong/ba khoe khong?

I am fíne, thank you – Cam on, toi khoe

And you? – Ban thi sao?

What is your name? – Ong/ba ten la gi?

My name is… – Toi ten la…

I am American – Toi la nguoi My.

Yes – Phai No – Khong

I do not understand – Toi khong hieu

Thank you – Xin Cam on

You are welcome – Khong co? gi

Sorry – Xin loi

Excuse me – Xin loi

Can you help me? – Ban giup toi duoc khong? Goodbye – Tam biet

  • Good-Tot
  • Bad – Khong tot


  • One – mot
  • Two – hai
  • Three – ba
  • Four-bon
  • Five – nam
  • Six – sau
  • Seven – bay
  • Eight – tam
  • Nine – chin
  • Ten – muoi
  • Twenty – hai muoi
  • Hundred – mot tram
  • Two hundred – hai tram
  • Thousand – mot nghin At a restaurant:
  • Is there a restaurant nearby? – Cou tiam aen nao gan day khong?
  • Please give me a spoon – Cho toi xin cai muong
  • What is this? – Cai nay la gi?
  • I’d like to eat – Toi muon an
  • I’d like to drink – Toi muon uong
  • Spoon – muong
  • Knife – dao
  • Fork – nia
  • Beer-bia
  • Mineral water – nucc suoi
  • Dessert – trang mieang
  • Coffee – ca phe
  • Hot black coffee – ca phe nong
  • Hot coffee with milk – Ca phe sua nong
  • Tea-Tra • Hotel – Khach San
  • Hot-Nong
  • Cold – Lanh
  • Bill please – Xin tinh tien Traveling:
  • I would like a ticket to… – Toi muon mot ve di….
  • How much is the ticket? – Bao nhieu tien mot ve?
  • I want to go to… – Toi muon di den…
  • When is the next train? – Chuyen xe lua ke tiep vao luc nao?

Is there a bus to Nha Trang? – Co chuyen xe buyt di Nha Trang khong?

  • How long does the trip take? – Hanh tring mat bao lau?
  • I would like to go by express train – Toi muon mot chuyen tail toe hanh
  • What time does the train arrive? – Xe lua den luc may gio?
  • Where is the nearest bank? – Nha bang o dau?
  • Where is the nearest internet shop? – Cho internet o dau?


I would like to buy some clothes – Toi muon mua mot it quan ao.

  • How much is it? – gia bao nhieu?
  • It is too expensive – Mac qua
  • Can you lower the price? – co bot khong?
  • Oh, it is still very expensive – O, van con mac lam
  • Can I have a look? – Toi co the xem duoc khong?
  • It does not fit me – no khong vua voi toi
  • It is too small – no nho qua
  • I will take this one – Toi se mua cai nay

Other general phrases:

I am happy – Toi vui

I am tired – Toi met

I like – Toi thich

Goodnight – Chuc ngu ngon

It is lovely to meet you – Rat vui duoc gap ban

How old are you? – Chi bao nhieu tuoi?

Do you have any brothers or sisters? – Ban co anh chi em khong?

Do you have any children? – Ban co con khong?

How many people are there in your family? – Co bao nhieu nguoi trong gia dinh ban?

Are you married yet? – Ban da ket hon chua?

Monday – Thu hai

Tuesday – Thu Ba Wednesday – Thu tu Thursday – Thu nam Friday – Thu Sau Saturday – Thu Bay Sunday – Chu Nhat What time is it? – May gio roi? Today – Horn nay Tomorrow – Ngaymai Yesterday – Horn qua

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