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Explore the wild beauty of Hoi An beach

Explore the wild beauty of Hoi An beach
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Another of Hoi An’s main attractions are its beaches. If you are looking to soak in the rays, there are two places that you’ll be heading.

Explore the wild beauty of Hoi An beach
Explore the wild beauty of Hoi An beach

Explore the wild beauty of Hoi An beach

Cua Dai Beach

The more touristic of the two, Cua Dai Beach is at the end of, you guessed it, Cua Dai Street. Running from the outskirts of the Old Town to the bottom lip of the shore, Cua Dai Beach is where most tourists go for relaxation. Rent a chair or pull up some sand under the shade of the palm trees and take a dip in the refreshing East Sea. Grab some food and beverage from the vendors (who will undoubtedly make themselves known to you) and protect yourself from the strong rays of the Viet sun. There are scattered restaurants along the main Cua Dai drag and a handful of pickup spots that appear on the walkways when the sun starts going down.

An Bang Beach: The Local’s Hangout

Loaded with Vietnamese and expat loungers, this beach is found at the end (or beginning) of Hai Ba Trung Street, which reaches all the way down into the Old Town. Park your ride in the allotted areas leading to the beach (prices should be 2.000 per bicycle and 3.000 per motorbike) and head to your selected lounging grounds. There are numerous sites and hangouts on the beach, some Vietnamese and some Western, but here are a few favorites:

La Plage:

On the far right side of An Bang, this French inspired hangout is the most relaxed of the crowd; cool music, light food, cold drinks and nice shady hangouts. Play some pool, lounge in a chair for free or try their delicious coconut chicken curry.

Banyan Bar:

On the far left of An Bang Beach, this is the party spot in An Bang. The atmosphere: bumping tunes and comfortable quarters, lounging locals, delicious food options and some tasty drinks (try their home brewed caramel vodka!). There are often parties and promotions going on at Banyan, so make sure you keep an eye on their events.

Soul Kitchen:

Located next door to Banyan, this is the food lover’s haven in An Bang. A cozy atmosphere, lots of seating and an extensive menu keep this place constantly buzzing. Try out their famous Tuna Tartare for a memorable dish.

Luna d’Autunno:

Who doesn’t love real Italian cuisine? Located a few doors down from Soul Kitchen (also on the left side of An Bang), this Italian run eatery produces Hoi An’s best pizza, hands down. If you want a little taste of Italy during your travels through Asia, this stop is a must.Sidenote: The local government is constantly threatening to shut down beach hangouts. Why? I don’t know. But if any of the above-mentioned are off the An Bang map when you visit, you’ll know why.

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